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Time: 2011-07-05
 Nail making machine, also called wire nail making machine, coil nail making machine, nail making equipment, nail manufacturing machines, scrap steel nail making machine, the machines produced by Zhengzhou Gashili Machinery CO.LTD is of high technology, low power, simple operation and stable performance. The raw material are often be old building materials, such as waste steel head, flat wood, squares, thread material, the old cold wire drawing, old steel and so on. These waste steel will be straighten by our straightening machine to ideal diameter, then through nail making machine to produce 40mm-200mm nails, after polishing, the nails will be packaged and sold. Factories in just 20 square meters can put this production into production. It is ideal project for the laid-off workers and the small and medium investors.

As we all know, every family, every factory and all walks of life needs nails, so it spread everywhere, everywhere has its market, especially the rise of construction and decoration industry, nails will be sold growing, but also makes nails never saturated the market. But in the past little nails are state or manufacturers with automated equipment or full plates of raw material production, high investment, high cost, process complexity, high prices. The Drawing Factory, Cement Manufacture Factory, rolling mills, construction industry waste wire, scrap steel head, waste wire scrap cold wire drawing, welding and other waste is piling up and can only do steel-making raw materials. 

 For the above, my company decided to make full use of waste building material into wealth, developed a scrap steel nail making machine, machine small size, low power consumption, low price, easy to operate, the unit can use the following length of 8mm diameter production of more than 10mm round wire nails used, the production of nails with nail-making equipment, automatic comparable, and scrap steel prices of raw materials is only about half of a round disk, so it has a strong market competitiveness, individual entrepreneurs set up factories can not only nail,but can produce all kinds of metal mesh, bicycle baskets, drying racks and other products, they will be done by a machine, to those who purchase the expansion of product variety, product profits doubled. SMEs and individual investment, risk-free, high-profit best choice. In order to meet different investors' choice, I specially designed for you to prepare a variety of plant models.
Number of workers: one to three
Production of power: three-phase power (380V)
Production sites: the need 20-60 square meters of production space (ordinary houses one to three can be)

    ①. Provide technical training, until the user can operate independently, independent producers (can come to our factory to learn from our mailing and production plant
Technical information).
    ②. All equipment are sold factory warranty for one year, low-cost supply of accessories.
    ③. The factory is responsible for long-term technical consulting services. At any time to answer a variety of difficult problems for customers.

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