Peanut butter brief introduction

publisher: Cathy
Time: 2012-04-24
                                                  Peanut butter brief introduction

 Peanut butter is one of the favorite flavorings for the masses; it is the product of peanut extract.

 Peanut butter made from high quality peanuts as raw material and others processing, finished as a hard and tough pulpy, with rich fried peanut flavor. Peanut butter is divided into two kinds of sweet and salty according to the different tastes, is a considerable nutritional value table food, used widely in the western-style food. High quality peanut butter is usually is generally light beige, fine quality, aroma, free of impurities. General population can eat.



Generally used as a mix of noodles, the steamed bread, bread or cold dishes of condiments, and also for other stuffing ingredients of sweet buns and cookies.

Main function:

1. Peanut butter contains rich protein, minerals, trace elements and plenty of vitamin B, vitamin E, with the efficiency of lowing blood pressure, blood fat, and can play a certain role of adjuvant therapy to regenerative anemia and diabetes.

2. Peanut butter contains tryptophan, can help to fall asleep.

3. Peanut butter contains the essential amino acids to human body, can promote brain cell development and enhance memory function.

Production methods:

Use finest peanut after screening, roasted, wind net, refining and then output peanut butter.

 The whole line need peanut roaster, peanut red skin peeling machine and peanut butter making machine.

 So the more peanut butter, and the more health.

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