Umbrellas in rainy days

publisher: Mary
Time: 2012-10-26

                                      Umbrella in rainy days

Umbrella , one very important tools in our daily life . Ecpecially in the rainy or snowy days, which make our life easier and more convenient .

Then ,the problem appears , that is ,after using the umbrella in the rainy days or snowy days , we go to our office , hotel , restaurant or party , as the umbrellas are very wet , so , we don't know where to put them . There is no speical place to put them , and we don't want them to made the ground around us very dirty .

Please don't worry , there is one kind of machine just suitable for the wet umbrellas , which can be used to pack the wet umbrellas .

This packing machine for wet umbrella is very easy to use ,with which we needn't to worry about our wet umbrella in the rainy days and our rainy daily life is more convenient .

Wet umbrella packing machine


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