Advantage of Mini, small garlic skin peeling machine

publisher: Bonnie Leee
Time: 2013-04-02

     Advantage of Small Garlic peeling machine, Mini garlic peeling machine,  automatic garlic skin peeler

 1. Small garlic peeling machine using polyion composite the combined rotating mechanical rotary gas off stripping garlic machine dry Grilled principle

2 one minutes fast garlic peeling, peeling rate is more than 90%. Most of the garlic skin can be separated

3 Automatic garlic peeling machine is durable, small size, and speed. low maintenance rate,

4. about 15kg. Machine using a 1.2 mm steel plate. Garlic peeling 20 kg, -25 kg hour, 220V voltage, power 150W, garlic condiment is indispensable in people's lives.

 From ancient times, the hotel restaurant is plagued by this problem garlic clove for thousands of years, has been manually peeling garlic. need Considerable laborandeffort. The usage of garlic in hotel restaurant is large. they will first separate the garlic cloves, then soak large cloves garlic in one night and then manually peel garlic skin. If a worker salary is 3000RMB.very costive. While the small garlic skin peeling machine is very practical, the birth of the series, a small garlic peeling machine completely solved the hotel restaurant garlic clove difficult problem. There are thousand of hotels and restaurant in the city, they all need small garlic skin peeling machine. This machine not only save the cost of hotel boss, but also bring the opportunity for setting up a venture. Hotel restaurant owners have breathed a sigh of relief. Hotels with peeling the garlic machine series products provide a new business platform for the majority of investors. China has 1.3 billion people, the market is still blank, potential business opportunities is self-evident, the market throughout every corner of the country, but the price is not high, and every family can afford, so the hotel with peeling garlic machine products have visible earned stability of the broad market.Small garlic peeling machine not only suitable for ordinary garlic peeling, Pleione. The fully automated garlic peeling machine erythrodermic small garlic. Onion peeling peeling rates are above 90%.


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