garlic skin peeling machine Clients visit our factory

publisher: Nancy chen
Time: 2013-08-10

This week,we have two clients from India visit our factory.

One clients visit our garlic skin peeling machine,they take their local garlic,then test our machine,as we all known,indian local garlic is very small,skin of garlic is very tight,generally speaking,our china local garlic is big and of course peeling rate is high.When we use their garlic to test our machine,the peeling rate can reach to 95%,it makes our clients very satisfied,finally,they order our garlic peeling machine for 10 sets.

Our other clients visit our feed pellet making machine,in the same,we test our machine for him,and at present,they at once order our machine.

Now,we export our machins for every aborad,and each of country has our clients,in general,they would love to be our selling agent in their local,and of course,selling is high.

Welcom to visit our factory.

Contact:Nancy chen



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