new year with dates machines

Time: 2014-01-27
Summary: new year with dates machines

2014 happy new year!!!

In china, we will welcome the new year 2014, and here our company will give our best wishes to eveyone aroundthe world, especially customers in the past few years and customers who will become one of our member in the next year and in the future.

like we always do in the past few, we will still keep our best service and good quality for the machine to eveyone around the world. So if you have some advices on our company, we would be happy to receive the problems and change to give you our best service. and if you don't know much more about us, we would like to invited you to join us. our door is always open for you.

We did have much typies fo evey series machines. like dates machine, when the next year is coming, if you need dates machine, you can conatct us. about it, we have dry and fresh dates cutting and pitting machine. and the machines in our company can separate and get together. so if you need one single machine for cutting or pitting, you just can add your requiremnet in the email, and we will design and make it as hat you said in the email. and if you you need the other agriculture and food machines, you also have an free ticket to contact us. we will offer you our good products. here we would like to show you some kind of dates machines, you can see if it is ok for you in the future, to see the excellent performance and good quality.

like dates cutting and pitting machine, dry dates cutting machine, dry and fresh dates pitting machine:



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