Summer common sense

publisher: Henry wang
Time: 2015-07-29

High summer temperatures,The body is easy to out ,Now the heatstroke,

Below is some common sense to prevent sunstroke:

1.Have more meals a day but less food at each ;

Pay special attention to eat less high protein food.

2.To avoid this period of time to go out at 10-15 o’clock,

it is better to put some sunscreen cosmetics on the skin when go out.

3.After labor and exercise sweating a lot, unfavorable drink Plain boiled water a lot,

Should be proper drinking some light salt brine.

4.Should be appropriate to eat more lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs 

and other nutrition food,In full to the body's metabolism.

5.Air conditioning should not be too large temperature difference 

between indoor and outdoor,Better difference of temperature indoor and outdoor

 is no more than 5 degrees.

6.Green bean soup is a delicious food for prevent sunstroke.

Wish everybody a good healthy! Have a happy summer!

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