Small Garlic Peeling Machine sent to Vietnam

Time: 2015-08-15
Small Garlic Peeling Machine sent to Vietnam
Capacity 20kg/hour
Peeling principle:
1.Using polyion composite material combine with revolving mechanics principle.No need to use air compressor.
2.Can peeling skin quickly in one minute,peeling rate can reach above 90%,most of garlic skin can be separated.
3.Durable,small volume,fast speed,low breakdown.Using method:Making garlic break into cloves,when separating cloves,should throw garlic terrier and garlic pedicle.Putting the garlic has been broke into cloves into machine,about 0.5kg in one time,starting machine 30-60 seconds,then opening the lid,taking garlic out,putting them into container,using hand to pick them up or using hairdryer to blow the extra garlic skin.

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