hydraulic nut&seeds oil expeller oil press machine

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Update Time 2016-01-27
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Hydraulic nut&seed oil expeller oil press machine

Technical data:






1320 kg

KG pressure

3000 KN

Max using pressure


Heating circle power


Heating circle control temperature



(sesame seeds)


Motor power


Structure of hydraulic nut&seed oil expeller oil press machine:

This machine has three main parts:

1.Host part; 2. hydraulic system; 3. electrical system.

1.Host part:

It is consists of a base, an upright post, a top plate, pressing boring assembly, drip tray, a nut and other parts, is one of the main body of the machine and the oil in the boring press assembly, is composed of a cylinder piston assembly force to promote and oil from pressed boring out in the joints of the oil outflow, the drip tray to the barrels of crude oil.

2.Hydraulic system:

This is the press higher oil yield of the main power source, a transmission shaft, a turbine, a worm, gear pump, high pressure pump, relief valve, super high pressure safety valve, manual valve, seamless steel pipe, pipe joints etc. parts. This machine adopts the world advanced hydraulic pump station, South Korea three plunger pump station optimization, compared with the second plunger pump, speed, pressure, temperature, oil temperature above 65 degrees without cooling device, sustainable work.

3.Electrical system:

Electrical system is the advanced location of the machine, all the use of automatic control, easy to operate, no special requirements for the operator, easy to learn, especially suitable for the majority of farmers and friends. The system adopts advanced electrical equipment, automatic control system, is by the motor, voltage meter, temperature control regulation table, pressure meter, power supply and other components of the insurance.

Feature of nut&seed oil expeller oil press machine:

1. small size, small footprint, easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to operate, no special requirements on the operator.

2. The machine use, low power consumption, less fees.

3.Power saving about 30% compared with two piston pump stations type,and saving 50% compared with stone mill

4. The machine is hydraulic machine, high pressure, high oil yield, good quality oil.

5. The machine adopts the automatic control system, preheat temperature controlled, hydraulic system pressure controlled.