stable performance chowmein production line

Group Noodle making machine
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment L/C, T/T, Western Union
Update Time 2016-01-29
Item specifics
Capacity40000-180000 pieces/8h
Working size468-784m²
Workers4-14 workers
Production time35 working days
PackingWooden case
DimensionAccording to the capacity
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Production Line Process Flow:

Flour feeding-adding water-mixing-dough aging-pressing-cutting and folding wave-streaming-stretching and cutting-entering trays automatically-high pressure sterilization and steaming-drying-cooling-packing.


1. This machine is made with high technology.High degree of automation, converter. speed control, PLC control. Controlled by several motors and single motor, multil-ayer steamer and single layer steamer (selected by the user).

2. Closed cooling machine for saving energy, high hardness alloy cast iron is very durable.

3. Good appearance, easy operation, conform to the hygiene requirements.

Technical Parameters

40000pcs/8h88kw, 468m²working space, 4-6 workers
80000pcs/8h98kw, 492m² working space, 6-8 workers
100000pcs/8h108kw, 528m² working space, 8-10 workers
150000pcs/8h128kw, 588m² working space, 10-12 workers
180000pcs/8h148kw, 784m² working space, 12-14 workers


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